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Xdynamix Media Communications celebrates a decade of creative excellence

Creative media agency Xdynamix Media Communications has completed its ten years of operations this May. The organization has come a long way since its inception in 2007 when it was primarily providing design and animation services. Having served some of the top brands both nationally and globally, Xdynamix soon became a brand known for its cutting-edge design solutions.

Despite its humble beginnings, the one thing that always got the organization going was its well-knit team and a culture of creativity. The culture of always keeping this X-factor, this creative flare in motion is where the brand derives its name. This spirit is as alive today as it was in the very first day.

Over the year, this design and animation agency has transformed itself into a full-service 360-degree media and advertising agency. Xdynamix offers any solution other advertising agencies, corporations, or not-for-profit organizations need. One of the milestones for the organization has been the addition of its film production arm, Bipolar Films, founded by filmmaker and partner Jawad Sharif in 2015.  Bipolar Films has already made its mark by winning at least 36 international and national film awards.

From producing its first television commercial to co-producing our first feature documentary, Xdynamix Media Communications is only gearing up for more adventures.

Message from the directors 

“We have come a long way. We always started with a creative spirit but over time we have become more organized and coherent in our operations. Other than delivering captivating products, our customers are increasingly becoming aware of the operational integrity that goes behind it. We are ensuring to deliver a remarkable customer experience every step of the production process.”

Director, Mohsin Reza Naqvi

“The vision for this organization has always been to contribute creative solutions in whatever capacity we work. We will continue to push our limits to achieve new and greater milestones than ever before. We believe in our team and our culture of creativity and we are excited to begin our second decade of excellence.”

Founder and CEO, Adeel Malik

“A culture of creativity is everything. But more than just commercial success, we have always been mindful of promoting social issues close to our hearts. Our feature documentary projects are a testament to that fact and we will continue to do our share to give back to the society the way we know best. Through art and filmmaking.”

Bipolar Films Director, Jawad Sharif

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